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    The Church of Madonna dell'Orto was built during the first half of the14th century (slightly after 1355) and dedicated to Saint Christopher Martyr. During 1377 people started to call it Church of Madonna dell'Orto after the placing (on 18th June) of a statue of Holy Mary, made by Giovanni De Santi, believed to be miraculous.
    From 1552 to 1569 Tintoretto, who lived nearby (in Fondamenta dei Mori: the modern days address would be  3399 Cannaregio), worked on ten paintings for the Church. After his death in 1594, Tintoretto was buried in the Church.
  • The foundation of the Church is supposed to have taken place in 982.
    Originally the altar was dedicated to Saint Martial.
    The altar in the left aisle is adorned with the beautiful statue of Madonna delle Grazie, made of golden wood around 1200.
parrocchia Madonna dell'Orto - Cannaregio 2372, 30121, Venezia - web: jamweb venezia
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